Starfra carries both meat chickens and egg layers from Frey's Hatchery and Millpond Hatchery. Chickens are available as day old chicks, started birds, and ready to lay hens.



Starfra carries white turkeys from Millpond Hatchery and both white and bronze turkeys from Frey's Hatchery. Turkeys are available as day old chicks and started birds.



Starfra carries White Pekin ducks from Millpond Hatchery and White Pekin, Rouen and White Muscovy ducks from Frey's Hatchery. Ducks are available as day old chicks.


Pheasant & Quail

Starfra carries Ringneck pheasant from both Millpond Hatchery and Frey's Hatchery. Pheasant are available as day old chicks.

Starfra carries Coturnix and Bobwhite Quail and Chukar Partridge from Millpond Hatchery.

Frey's Hatchery

Frey's Hatchery has been a family-owned business since 1946. Located in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Frey's Hatchery has supplied quality chicks and ready to lay pullets for over 60 years.

Millpond Hatchery

MillPond Hatchery is family owned and operated and has been hatching quality since 1965. We are now located in Grafton, Ontario, having moved there in 1982, with the business now being run by Wilf Venema and his family.