Pet Food

Starfra carries the full line of dog food from Nutreco including WHOLESOME Blend, Lifetime and Nutri-Choice. WHOLESOME Blend Grain Free is a completely balanced super premium brand of dry food that is ideally suited to sensitive pets with allergies to the more common feed ingredients. Lifetime provides balanced nutrition without the use of Corn, Soy, Wheat or Meat by-products. Nutri-Choice supplies advanced nutrition with features including omega fatty acids, meaty formulations and delicious natural flavours in both a wet and dry food.


Horse Feed

Starfra carries Shur-Gain's full line of Equiline horse feed. Shur-Gain's Equiline Horse Feed gives your horse the perfect mix of precise nutritional formulation balanced with wholesome and top quality ingredients. Highly digestible fibre sources, such as beet pulp and alfalfa, palatable vegetable oils and top quality grains, are utilized in Equiline Horse products.

Brooks Feed

Starfra now carries Brooks Performance Horse Feeds. Brooks has the right product to best suit your horse's nutrient needs from growth to backyard to the highest levels of competition. Brooks has strived to produce feeds using only the finest ingredients and the utmost attention to detail. When you use a Brooks Ration you can be confident your horse is getting a healthy cost effective concentrate to supplement pasture or hay.


Cattle Feed

Starfra carries a full line of feed for both Dairy and Beef cattle from Shur-Gain. Shur-Gain have a variety of standard products and customized solutions for your calves, heifers, dry cows and lactating cows.

Shur-Gain has a variety of standard products and customized solutions to meet the needs of your beef cattle operation.


Poultry Feed

Starfra carries a wide range of poultry feed from Shur-Gain for chickens, turkeys and ducks. Shur-Gain is a full service poultry nutrition company, selling a range of vitamin and mineral premixes, supplements and complete diets. We supply our customers with everything that they need to efficiently and economically raise quality poultry meat and eggs.


Sheep & Goat Feed

Starfra carries a full line of Shur-Gain feed for your Goat & Sheep Feeding Program. Shur-Gain has drawn on a considerable amount of research in formulating feeds that supply the nutrients required in a form acceptable to goats. All of the products work well individually; however, Shur-Gain have designed this line of feeds to be part of a system. Each product is targeted towards a key part of the production cycle, is balanced to ensure optimal health and delivers results that will make you more profitable. The goal of the program is to create an entire system that is balanced and aligned to allow for maximum benefit.

Shur-Gain sheep feeds are designed to allow producers the flexibility to meet the needs of the flock. The products are versatile and can be applied to a variety of feeding situations.Our feeding programs are based on average nutrient values for feedstuffs and are designed to meet the requirements of the various classes of sheep and lambs.


Alpaca Feed

Starfra carries a custom line of Alpaca feed based on a formula designed by Dr. Norm Evan's and produced by Shur-Gain. The feed comes in both a pelleted ration and a textured ration.


Swine Feed

Starfra carries a full line of Shur-Gain feed for your Swine Feeding Program from early pig to finishing. Shur-Gain is a full service swine nutrition company providing a range of vitamin and mineral premixes, commodities and commodity blends, standard and large inclusion supplements and complete diets.

Starfra also carries Purina Mini Pig Chow for pigs 8 weeks and older and Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Chow for mini pigs over 1.5 years old.


Deer Food

Starfra carries corn and corn based feed formulated for deer.



Starfra carries a wide variety of products from International Stock Food Products. ISF provides vitamins, minerals and specialty products for a large selection of livestock including dairy & beef cattle, horse, sheep & goat, swine and poultry.